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For DIY enthusiasts, a garage or workshop is where they feel most comfortable. To keep the job running smoothly, it is good to take care of the order, which is supported by the 'botle' tools and wall stations. Available with containers and boxes, storage bins with lids or enriched with tool holders, they are sure to please any man who appreciates quality, organization and practical solutions at a good price.

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  • with hooks and boxes

    Tools, small assembly elements are attached to the surface of the board, and a label describing the contents is placed on each container. Does that sound interesting? In addition, bits, open-end wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, caps, screws, dowels, screws, nails, pins and other elements that are an integral part of your work will also find their place. This order is achieved through tool panels 'botle' mounted on vertical surfaces, available in different configurations and colors to meet the most detailed needs.

  • with boxes

    A series of containers boxes, available in different sizes and colors, hung on boards can be a solution for everyone who needs order between small elements. Not only screws, nails or other garage jewelry, but also sewing and collector's items can be clearly sorted out. This is ensured by the workshop wall 'botle' in a set with boxes in different sizes and colors to meet the demands of the most demanding users.

  • with hook

    Looking for the necessary tools during work is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of concentration and nerves. All tools, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers have their place on the 'botle' tool board. Special handles hold the hanging elements in place. Shelves with holes are designed for screws and bits. Everything is transparent and in its place. Under these conditions, working in a garage or workshop becomes a pleasure.

  • Accesories

    There is still not enough space in your workshop or garage. Would you like to expand your set? Hooks, brackets and holders for tools and other items, additional panel wall boards, handles for garden accessories - you will find everything here.

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